Foggy Morning

Boudoir photo

 We haven't shown many boudoir photos using props until now, so this make makes up for it by having a lot of them. Paddles and floggers and handcuffs, oh my!  This particular model was very courageous in the things she wanted to try, and her pictures are really good as a result. Photos are, after all, a collaborative effort between the model and the photographer. Editing is also important, as the vignette we put on this puts a whole different mood on it than it had originally. The rose petals, which have been featured in some of our other photos, had a tendency to cling to everything. They did give a good effect in many of the photos we took. Many of these boudoir pix were taken in a series of marathon sessions we did over one weekend.  We learned a lot and got a lot of great pictures. As always, remember that if you;re in the northwest Arkansas area and want pictures done (boudoir or other portraits) you can contact us at