Boudoir Art Pic?

Blowing Flower Petals

 I really like this gif I made. This wasn't made from a video.  This is from a series of pictures from a boudoir shoot that we did recently. We had her blow rose petals out of her cupped hands and put the camera on sports mode so it kept snapping as long as we held the button down. The intent was just to make sure we got the perfect moment, but they all ended up being pretty good. My partner suggested making a flip book, but this is the 20th century so we made a gif out of them instead. The fact that the motion isn't as smooth as a video would have been just makes it look more interesting I think. Not only do I think it looked good, but it was fun to make. It was something a little different that we could do with our photography. It's always a fun time finding new ways to be creative.