Foggy Morning

Lighted fountain at night

 This was taken on the Fourth of July a few years back. We had taken all the kids to go see fireworks. They were charging to be at the ampitheater to see them, but we could sit in the parking lot of the nearby Best Buy and see them just fine. It was a rare night when we had all the kids together. We watched the show but were having so much fun we didn't want to go home just yet. We went over to the mall across the road and wandered around. This is an outdoor mall so we could walk around even though most stores were closed. This fountain is in the middle of the mall, but it wasn't running. They had lights in it to make it look more interesting, and it still looked pretty cool without the fountain running. We hadn't started doing photography at the time, but we had a small digital camera. We grabbed this shot of the fountain just because we thought it looked cool. 

This will always be a great memory, and even though the picture may not be our best it will always be special to me because of the memories. I know it won't mean the same to anyone else, but I had to share it just the same.