Foggy Morning

Moonlit Night

Everyone and their brother takes pictures of the moon. I'd be willing to bet it's the most photographed thing in the universe. That being the case, of course we have pictures of the moon. Most are so-so, but I really dig this one. The full moon and dark clouds put me in mind of an old horror comic or the cover of an old mystery novel. This is the kind of night for a werewolf to roam the marsh, or a vampire to stalk dark alleys. It's the kind of night were things go bump in the night. A night for mystery and intrigue and maybe even a touch of romance. 

If you like this pic as much as I do you can get a copy for yourself, on a canvas or a mug or a postcard here. We also have a couple of other interesting moon pictures here and here.  I like those others, but this is my favorite. Just looking at it I can almost hear wolves howling in the distance and the low moan of the wind. This one is also available for sale.

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