Foggy Morning

Steps in the Woods.

 I don't know if it's just me, but I find something very evocative about stairs out in the middle of the woods. I think it's a combination of the fantasy literature I have read and the religious symbology I grew up with, but when I see obviously man made steps in the middle of the woods it kick starts my imagination. I immediately start crafting stories in my head about where the stairs come from, where they lead to, etc. And really, they are there for no more esoteric a reason than helping people hike to the top of a hill. But the possibilities they seem to have are fascinating, I imagine much the same as the ones that an old wardrobe held for C.S. Lewis. Dirt roads and old paths also have similar imaginary possibilities, but these steps just seem so much more out of place and thus tantalizing. If this were slightly pixelated it would also look like a screen capture from a video game like Skyrim.