Foggy Morning

Boudoir Photo

 Pink robe, pink flower petals, pink shoes, can you guess the motif in this pic? Trying to be titillating without exposing too much. Legs up so they can be appreciated. A bit of attitude with the crossed ankles. A bit of sauciness with one hand appearing to pull the robe open. Dark hair against the white sheet. These are things we hope jump out at you from this picture. While we appreciate the human form, we do feel that you can be sexy without baring it all, and sometimes even more so. What we want is for the person looking at the picture to feel that they have seen more than they really have. We want the excitement of being teased.

If you want to get boudoir photos of your own, email us at We'd love to talk to you about capturing your naughty, flirtatious side. Whether as a gift for that special someone, or just to make yourself feel sexier, or for whatever reason we want to help you feel like a pinup girl.