Foggy Morning


 So I'm a big fan of pop art, and that is the aesthetic I try for in my sporadic art attempts. If you're not familiar with pop art, look at Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein. Of course they are both light years better than me, but that's the kind of thing I aspire to. I guess the Warhol element really came to the fore here, as I decided to do a bit of a bdsm element. (If you don't know what I'm talking about look at Warhol's movies or early Velvet Underground stage shows.)  I didn't want to just draw porn, so I had the woman wearing jeans, which I realize now is kind of a weird choice. I wish I was better at getting things symmetrical. I think my biggest weakness in art is that I try to free hand everything, and the resulting chaos really bugs me.

I like the picture, even if it's not great pop art and it's definitely not as erotic as it was meant to be. It mainly showcases where I need improvement, but also shows a bit of my aesthetic. I like that I managed to get a realistic body shape to the woman. In retrospect I wish I had been a bit more bold in portraying her, and taken a bit more time on the paddle. If I ever get to reclaim some free time, maybe I'll go back to practicing and revisit this subject.