Foggy Morning

What's In There?

 This is the kind of spot that gets my imagination running overtime. Who or what lives in there? Why was it blocked off?  When you read as much fantasy as I have over the years any little oddity can take on massive proportions in your mind. You start to create backstories and mythologies. It makes the mundane world around us a lot more interesting.  Waiting in a boring room? Figure out how that crack in the wall got there. Bored on a Sunday afternoon. Imagine how you would react if giant ants came pouring out of that hollow tree over there.

Here at W&F Kreations we love to exercise our creative muscles, and we also love encouraging others to do the same. I'd love to see what stories you can come up with from the picture above. Write it up and send it to and we'll post it here to the blog. I can't promise you'll be famous, but tens of people will almost definitely see it. More importantly you can flex your imagination and show us just how creative you can get.