Boudoir Art Pic?

A Perfect Circle

 So, I am a big fan of Tool, and I also really like A Perfect Circle. That being said, when I saw the altter band live it was one of the most boring shows I've ever seen. They kept the stage dark so you couldn't see the band members except in silhouette. They played only slow songs, and they were closing one night at a festival so it was effectively putting the audience to sleep. Under different circumstances they may be fun to see, but I did not enjoy that show very much. It wasn't a total waste though, as I got this shot which is one of my favorite concert pictures I have taken. The shadow and darkness on the stage really worked to my advantage here, even if I did find it frustrating at the actual show. It gives an anonymity to the band that makes it almost look like a stock photo, but not in a bad way. By the way, the next two nights were closed by Godsmack and Cheap Trick, and they both killed.